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Intelligent laser welding plane

Product Features

Product Introduction

Aiming at the pain points and difficulties in manual welding of aviation products, Aerospace Intelligence innovatively proposed the idea of intelligent laser welding, and designed and developed a high-precision CNC robot intelligent laser welding special machine. On the one hand, this new intelligent laser welding machine uses laser welding instead of arc welding. Its high-energy beam laser welding is compatible with different materials such as steel, aluminum, and copper. It can handle welding parts with different wall thicknesses, and has low welding heat input and welding distortion. The characteristics of small size, good weld quality, and high strength; on the other hand, the first innovative realization of the integration of the CNC fixture system and the laser welding robot system has effectively improved welding efficiency, more complete functions, and higher product compatibility. Two-dimensional adjustable and extended to three-dimensional adjustable, the application is more extensive.

Application field

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