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Biennial China Mobile Robot Innovation Product and Innovative Application Award

December7th,Supported by the People’s Government of Songjiang District, Shanghai, China Mobile Robot(AGV)Sponsored by the Industry Alliance and co-organized by the People’s Government of Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai“2020China Mobile Robot(AGV/AMR)"Industry Development Annual Conference",Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., with its dual-vehicle linkage omnidirectional wheeled vehicle, won the 2019-2020 biennial China Mobile Robot(AGV/AMR)Innovative Product and Innovative Application Award

Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent manufacturing technology and dedicated to the development and service of high-end manufacturing equipment and systems.Relying on the leading heavy-duty high-precision mobile displacement technology, the company independently developed a dual-car linkage omnidirectional vehicle. It is an intelligent mobile platform product for the transfer of large mass and long-size parts. The main types are Mecanum wheel vehicles and omnidirectional steering wheels. The application scenarios of vehicles, air-cushion vehicles, etc. cover the transportation of parts within the quality range of 0.1-1000T.The product mainly has omnidirectional movement (forward and backward, left and right, in-situ rotation, arbitrary curve), and high positioning accuracy(0.5mm), High precision of linkage,AGVIt has the advantages of automatic guidance, strong ability to adapt to the ground, and wide range of activities.

The dual-car linkage omnidirectional vehicle (wheeled vehicle and air-cushion vehicle) is an intelligent mobile platform product provided by our company for the transfer of heavy-duty and long-size parts. High positioning accuracy (0.5mm), high linkage accuracy, road-rail dual-use, AGV, strong ground adaptability, unlimited range of motion, etc. With the omnidirectional steering wheel and 2D laser scanning tracking technology independently developed by our company, the product is at the international leading level, with a market share of more than 60%. Mainly serve the key areas of "Made in China 2025": advanced rail transit equipment and aerospace equipment industries. At present, the main customers include CRRC, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, AVIC, Envision Energy, etc. The technical level is leading domestically. It is the first domestic company to invent a dual-car linkage omnidirectional vehicle. It has effectively solved various problems in the handling of large parts and has received unanimous praise from customers.

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