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Remember the history and create the future intelligently

On December 13, 1937, Japanese invaders invaded China invaded Nanjing and carried out a massacre of more than 40 days to exterminate humanity on our compatriots. 300,000 living creatures were slaughtered, leaving the darkest page in the history of human civilization. On February 27, 2014, the seventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress passed a decision to establish December 13 as the National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre. The establishment of the National Memorial Day shows the Chinese people's firm stand against aggressive wars, safeguarding human dignity, and safeguarding world peace.

Remember history and mirror the future. The painful memory of the aviation industry gave us a deep understanding of the precautions for the development of the aviation industry, and we must continue to invest in the forefront in order to maintain the technological leadership and achieve the final victory. With the improvement of domestic aviation technology, the aviation industry is gradually changing the traditional production mode, using more advanced pulsating production lines and more automated equipment for assembly production operations.

Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing has provided a number of solutions for the aviation manufacturing field:


Logistics and warehousingCase show


Three-dimensional library of small and medium molds in an aviation OEM

The three-dimensional library of small and medium molds is mainly used for the storage of stretch-bending dies used for stretch-bending forming of aviation sheet metal extrusion parts, and realizes the manual, semi-automatic and automatic storage and retrieval functions of stretch-bending dies. Equipped with warehouse management software and shelf control system, the control method has automatic, manual and remote control.

The three-dimensional library of small and medium molds is composed of racking system, stacker system, laneway transfer car system, conveying trolley system, computer management and monitoring system, etc. Make the warehouse management system work by computer to realize real-time monitoring of operations, display of equipment operation status, location and completion, fault alarm prompts, receipt of goods receipts and receipts of goods dispatched through the Internet.

Computer management is used for cargo entry and exit and cargo location management, which can realize the functions of automatic management of cargo entry and exit information, data maintenance, query, inventory analysis, report printing and other functions.

The computer monitoring and management system is a subsystem of the warehouse management system, and the warehouse management system (WMS) reserves integrated interfaces with MES and ERP systems. The system supports the simultaneous entry and exit of materials, safe and stable, easy to maintain and daily management information sharing interface, to meet the needs of future expansion and development.


CNC tool three-dimensional library and material tooling three-dimensional library project of an aviation OEM

The three-dimensional CNC tool library is an automated warehousing, logistics and information processing system used for the storage, sorting, export of CNC tools, and the storage of parts and materials, and realizes the storage, storage, export, distribution and inventory of goods and other related functions. . The three-dimensional warehouse for materials and tooling is divided into three-dimensional warehouses of large, medium and small scales. Among them, the maximum mold weight is 5T and the length is 6 meters. The built-up of the three-dimensional warehouse is the largest three-dimensional warehouse with the largest final load in the AVIC. The second phase of the project will also combine equipment such as AGV material distribution and automatic assembly stations. The new CNC car aims to create the most advanced intelligent manufacturing demonstration site in China. The three-dimensional library serves as the central system of the workshop, connecting the automation equipment of the entire workshop in series.


Intelligent assemblyCase show


A certain type of advanced fighter engine installation vehicle

The precise engine installation device is designed for the rapid disassembly and assembly of a certain type of advanced fighter engine in China. It is mainly composed of an attitude adjustment mechanism, an omnidirectional mobile platform and visual measurement:

1. Six-degree-of-freedom precise attitude adjustment technology   

The posture adjustment part is mainly used to realize a precise six-degree-of-freedom posture adjustment mechanism, so as to adjust the position when the engine is installed;

2. Mecanum wheel omnidirectional movement technology

The omni-directional mobile platform adopts our mature Mecanum wheel technology, which can realize omni-directional movement with high precision and zero radius of gyration;

3. High-precision machine vision measurement technology

Vision measurement is the key technology of the equipment. This time, a high-precision vision laser hybrid device is adopted. Through self-developed point cloud reconstruction, image analysis, and logic algorithms, the target in the travel path is measured in time, and the data is converted and transmitted to the posture adjustment. mechanism.

With the seamless cooperation between the three major parts, the equipment realizes the automatic, rapid and precise installation of the engine on the basis of ensuring the safety of the installation process. It has the advantages of high efficiency, convenience and strong adaptability, and greatly improves the efficiency of engine installation. , Which is conducive to increasing the annual output of a certain type of advanced fighter aircraft, increasing aircraft production capacity without expanding the production line, and providing strong support for the delivery of more advanced fighter aircraft to the Air Force.


New type smart trailer

It can be used as an auxiliary operation in the bombing operation of the fighter plane. Fighter missiles are lighter in weight, but have high hanging points. Customers usually need several people to lift a bomb. It is very difficult to hang the bomb. The bomb-hanging car independently developed by our company can easily solve the problem of bomb-hanging operation. The trailer is equipped with four omnidirectional driving wheels. The car body can move forward, backward, horizontally translate, rotate around the front wheel, and rotate around the center of the car body without limitation on the turning radius. In addition, the trailer is also equipped with a set of traction wheels, which can be electrically controlled to lift, and can be used during long-distance transportation. After reaching the position of the order, the wheat wheel can be used for precise adjustment. The upper platform of the bomb-hanging car has the function of attitude adjustment, and is equipped with a laser positioning device, which can accurately locate the hanging point, making the bomb-hanging operation fast and safe.


 A large passenger aircraft landing gear installation vehicle

This project is a specially customized landing gear installation device for a large passenger aircraft. It uses mecanum wheels as the moving mechanism to move with high precision in any direction, and is equipped with a six-degree-of-freedom attitude adjustment mechanism to complete precise installation and docking. The omni-directional mobile platform adopts our company’s mature Mecanum wheel technology, which can achieve high-precision, zero gyration radius omni-directional movement. Due to the relatively small site space in the landing gear installation link and the complex assembly environment, the Mecanum wheel set is used as The moving mechanism can completely solve this problem; the attitude adjustment part is controlled by a servo motor to achieve accurate six-degree-of-freedom attitude adjustment, so that the installation position can be accurately adjusted in real time when the landing gear is installed.


A large passenger aircraft engine installation vehicle

The engine installation vehicle is an intelligent installation vehicle independently developed by our company, which can meet the requirements of the rapid installation and disassembly of the LEAP-1C of a large passenger aircraft engine section. The installation vehicle is based on the steering wheel omnidirectional mobile platform (vehicle). A set of multi-degree-of-freedom attitude adjustment platform integrating lifting, pitching and other functions, combined with a visual monitoring system composed of several laser sensors and vision cameras, can quickly and accurately complete the engine assembly and disassembly work.

The steering wheel vehicle based on the steering wheel omni-directional movement technology can automatically run to the designated position through its own navigation system, and can also flexibly control the installation vehicle to go straight, horizontally, rotate and slanting at any angle through the wireless handheld device, without turning radius , The operation is simple; at the same time, different loading platforms can be mounted on the steering wheel vehicle, which effectively solves the transfer and displacement of the workpiece.


Intelligent transferCase show


A new model aircraft transport vehicle of a certain main engine factory

The pure electric heavy-duty truck provided by Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. can bear 18 tons and has a total length of 15 meters. It is the longest length of the company in the field of intelligent mobile platforms, marking the company’s role in differential wheels. Another breakthrough in the style car project. The six sets of drives of the whole vehicle run smoothly, the value of the lifting function is normal, the indicators of each functional module are stable, and there is no abnormality in the on-site load test. Finally, the vehicle is verified to meet the technical requirements. The heavy-duty full-machine transport vehicle adds visual automatic guidance technology. The navigation accuracy is less than 5 mm, and the precise positioning accuracy is less than 5 mm. It has the advantages of ultra-quiet use, ultra-precision use, and high-intelligence use.

(Picture transferred from Xinhuanet)

(The video is transferred from the public account Xinzhou Pilot)


The AGV platform of the whole machine dock of a OEM

The design and manufacture of the AGV platform of the dock can meet the installation work of the nose, fuselage, wing and tail section during the final assembly and production of the aircraft, and provide the operator with an aerial work platform, which can be electronically controlled to move and change according to work needs. Highly design the working platform of the whole machine; the overall working platform is divided into: radar cabin work ladder, windshield wiper work, wing work platform, tail section work platform, cover work platform, front boarding door work, front emergency door boarding The aircraft, the rear boarding gate boarding, the landing gear working ladder, the cabin working ladder, all the working platforms are in position to surround the aircraft, the wing platform is divided into three sections, and the three-car linkage control independently developed by our company is used to achieve Overall or segmented movement, the platform integrates functions such as production tools, material storage racks, power sources required for production, data source interfaces, and garbage disposal channels. The large wing and tail section working platforms are moved by omni-directional wheels. All working platforms are reasonably arranged according to the size of the existing plant, which can move quickly, making it easy for aircraft to enter and exit the hangar.


Large-scale and heavy-duty transshipment AGVs of various OEMs 

The use of wheatwheel AGV vehicles to transfer aircraft parts in the workshop improves the turnover rate of the workshop area, enables small workshops to meet the requirements of production and assembly, and greatly reduces the utilization rate of driving vehicles. The transfer of large parts in the entire workshop is realized by AGV vehicles. , Which can release the use of traveling vehicles on transportation components, allowing traveling vehicles to be more involved in assembling components.

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