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News of Aerospace Intelligence in December

Key projects

1、 On December 1, the small mold three-dimensional library project provided by Aerospace Intelligence for Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. passed the final acceptance of the customer. This warehouse is one of many warehouse projects in the aviation industry undertaken by our company. It is mainly used for the storage of stretch and bending dies for the stretch and bending of aviation sheet metal extruded profile parts, and realizes the standardization of tooling dies for aviation large-scale structural parts. Storage and management, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

2、 Changde Sany Mixing Main Engine Assembly Line Project. In this project, our company strictly implements the project implementation plan. At present, we are installing equipment on site and plan to complete the installation and commissioning by the end of this month. It fully responds to the three-dimensional capacity requirements and actively cooperates with Sany Group. Welcome the visit and guidance of relevant leaders!

3、 The development project of the experimental cabin electric transfer platform provided by Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing General Factory Co., Ltd. has basically completed the commissioning task this month. After the on-site inspection, the customer expressed satisfaction with the overall situation of the project. As a mature product of our company, the electric wheeled vehicle project has been widely used by enterprises in various fields. This project is equipped with a laser ranging sensor to perfectly control the distance between the two vehicles when it is used for the linkage function of the two vehicles; the high-precision jacking system is used to effectively ensure the synchronization of the hydraulic jacking of the two vehicles; it is equipped with a self-made transfer floating platform. Automatically adjust the relative position changes of the two cars. Up to now, a total of eight sets of drives of the two vehicles are running smoothly, the value of the lifting function is normal, the indicators of each functional module are stable, and the on-site load test is normal.

market expansion

1、 On December 4th, Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing bid for a bullet-carriage project of a research institute in China, and won the bid for the Shenyang GE omnidirectional wheeled vehicle. After the bolt-tightening robot project, it has also made a breakthrough in the field of mobile platforms. The omnidirectional wheeled vehicle is mainly used for Handling of large megawatt wind turbine enclosure.

Business dynamics

1、 On December 7th, Aerospace Intelligence and its dual-vehicle linkage omnidirectional wheeled vehicle won the 2019-2020 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Innovative Product and Innovative Application Award. The dual-vehicle linkage omnidirectional vehicle (wheeled vehicle and air cushion) Vehicle) is an intelligent mobile platform product provided by our company for the transfer of heavy-duty and long-size parts. Its technical level is leading domestically. It is the first company in China to invent a dual-vehicle linkage omnidirectional vehicle, which effectively solves the problem in the process of large-scale parts handling. Various problems have received unanimous praise from customers.

2、 On December 19th, in order to improve the service awareness and comprehensive quality of sales staff, our company organized a sales training meeting with the theme of "Ask yourself how to do a good job in sales!" The training session was mainly lectured by sales manager Lu Song. Manager Lu discussed with you six questions to be clarified in sales, and combined with his own sales experience over the years to share some of his daily customer expansion with sales staff. The experience and experience will benefit everyone a lot.

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