Exploration and innovation, rigorous and pragmatic, integrity, and win-win cooperation


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Aerospace Science and Technology  Creates the Future Intelligently

Shanghai Aerospace Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the holding company of Shanghai Space Propulsion Research Institute. It is composed of Shanghai Space Propulsion Research Institute, Xi’an Aerospace Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd., Aerospace Investment Holding Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Aerospace Guohua Internet of Things Investment Enterprise. A state-controlled high-tech enterprise jointly initiated and established by two shareholders.

Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing adheres to the concept of close integration of aerospace technology and market demand,and the deep integration of industrialization and informationization。 It makes full use of China Aerospace’s deep accumulation in systems engineering, quality engineering and other fields. In the past few years, it has deeply cultivated aerospace, wind power, rail transit vehicles , Construction machinery and automotive industries and have achieved impressive results. At the same time, combined with industrial Internet of Things and industrial big data, aiming at the aerospace, vehicle, energy, and rail transit industries, “ exploring the "intelligent production line + golden key product + The new model of “customized service” has opened up a “365 strategic” layout of 3 production lines, 6 products, and 5 types of services, realizing a closed-loop model of front, middle and end, and striving to make aerospace intelligent manufacturing into an “organic life” With the intelligent production line as the trunk, customized services as the brain, golden key products as the hands, and intelligent logistics as the feet, it promotes intelligent manufacturing in the target market.




Use the high-tech achievements in the aerospace propulsion field to provide the society with high-quality products with advanced technology, reliable performance, and green environmental protection,
Promote customer value, promote social progress, and create a better future with customers.




Promote advanced aerospace technology to serve citizens and lead China's original technology to the world.




Exploration and innovation, rigorous and pragmatic, integrity, and win-win cooperation



Quality building

The company has established a quality management system and passed the SGS quality system certification in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2008 national standard.

The company has established a quality policy of "full process control, full participation; system management, high-quality service; innovation for excellence, continuous improvement; aerospace brand, integrity and rigor", and establishes and implements 4 levels of documented quality management in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 standards The system covers all doors of the company, and runs through the entire life cycle of product development, design, procurement, production, control, inspection, sales, service, and feedback.

On the basis of quality capabilities, it has the equipment to meet the design, testing and inspection requirements for product development and production; the accuracy level, equipment and verification of inspection instruments and equipment meet the requirements of outsourcing products; the configuration and business capabilities of technical personnel at all levels meet the requirements of outsourcing Product development requirements.

The company also carries out corresponding professional training according to the needs of quality construction; through training and assessment, the relevant personnel are certified to work.

In terms of quality culture, the company accepted the concept of aerospace quality and carried out relevant publicity and education. And established a quality education and training system.

The company has always regarded the construction of the management system as a management improvement work, and the establishment and implementation of the quality management system are closely focused on practical and effective principles.