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Heavy-duty steering wheel AGV

Product Features

1 does not rely on guide rail operation

2 Two-way driving and 360° steering

3 DC drive, large carrying capacity

4Small turning radius, flexible operation

5 Short braking distance, high safety

6 Load the AGV module to realize high-precision and heavy-load automatic transfer

Product Introduction

The heavy-duty steering wheel AGV adopts two types of wheel groups, single steering wheel group and double differential wheels. According to different applications and working conditions, different wheel group mechanism combinations can be used; heavy-duty steering wheel AGV adopts high-strength polyurethane rubber wheels. As a driving wheel and a bearing wheel, it can realize heavy-duty transportation in the workshop. It can be walked and turned freely in the field without being restricted by space and ground, and is suitable for use in the field where the running path is relatively unfixed. It is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, rail transit, wind power, construction machinery, defense science and industry, warehousing and logistics.

1) Single steering wheel group mechanism

Single steering wheel, with slewing drive;

The load capacity is large, the combination mode is flexible, and it can realize omnidirectional transportation. It is suitable for heavy-duty transportation under 20 tons and 20 to 40 tons under specific working conditions.

2) Double-differential wheel group mechanism

Two-wheel differential to achieve drive steering;

Effectively protect the floor from damage;

Can realize flexible overall translation;

Meet the 360-degree in-situ rotation. High mobile stability, suitable for intelligent handling of heavy loads from 20 tons to 200 tons.

Application field

Aerospace: composite mold transfer, spacecraft transfer, aircraft parts and complete machine transfer

Transportation logistics: locomotive and subway transportation, construction machinery parts and assembly production lines

New energy: power equipment transfer, wind power host and component transfer

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