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Air cushion suspension transport system

Product Features

1,Equipment and objects with huge volume and mass can be easily moved, without disassembly and reassembly, ensuring the original accuracy and quality of the equipment, and the ground will not be damaged in any way;

2,easy to use,Good mobility,Accurate positioning; especially suitable for handling and position adjustment of precision equipment that cannot withstand vibrations and high requirements for stability, as well as handling in situations where lifting equipment cannot be installed.

Product Introduction

The air cushion suspension transportation system uses gas film technology to hold and move the load. It has many advantages such as strong bearing capacity, low friction, no wear to the ground, flexible walking, non-polluting and high degree of automation, so it is widely used. Such as the power industry, train and aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobiles, construction machinery,heavy machinery industries to carry heavy loads.

Application field



Construction machinery

Wind turbine handling;

Transformer industry;

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