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Omni wheel AGV

Product Features

1 Flexible operation and simple control, which can realize forward and backward translation and rotation in situ;

2 High precision of movement, can cooperate with assembly work;

3 The wheat wheel group is mainly composed of rollers, hubs, spokes, and axles. The maximum load capacity of a single wheel is from 500kg to 5T. Each omni-directional wheel contains 9 spindle-shaped rollers.

Product Introduction

The omnidirectional wheel AGV adopts the mecanum wheel mechanism for custom combination. The mecanum wheel is a high-precision mobile wheel form that can drift on a two-dimensional plane without dead angles. It can realize the straight travel and steering of the car by individually controlling the rotation speed and steering of the wheel. Horizontal, oblique, in-situ rotation, various continuous curve movements. The movement is flexible and stable, and precise positioning and high-precision trajectory control are achieved through fine adjustment of the position. As a plane high-precision mobile device, it is used in many fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, construction machinery, warehousing and logistics, electric power, science and engineering for national defense, scientific research and teaching.

Application field

Aerospace and aviation: operating elevator platform, aircraft and component transfer, engine installation vehicle, maintenance elevator platform, engine mobile positioning, spacecraft assembly, spacecraft component assembly

Rail transit: locomotive transfer vehicle, equipment installation platform, heavy-duty transportation and transfer, logistics line body

Weapons and equipment: mobile trailers, magazine logistics and transshipment

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